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Space Weather



  • Satellite
    • Ionospheric Scintillation
      • Latest Conditions
        Real time plot of ionospheric scintillation conditions at select sites (Darwin, Weipa, Willis Is, Macqarie Is)
      • Regional Map
        Map of most recent ionospheric scintillation conditions over northern Australia (last 2 hours)
      • Recent Scintillation Events
        List of most recently detected ionospheric scintillation events in northern Australia
    • Total Electron Content
      • TEC Regional Map
        Map of most recent ionospheric Total Electron Content (TEC) conditions in the Australian region (GNSS derived)
      • TEC Global Map
        Map of most recent ionospheric Total Electron Content (TEC) conditions across the globe (global model)
      • TEC Disturbance Map
        Map of most recent ionospheric disturbance across the Australian region (GNSS derived)
      • TEC Disturbance Index
        Near real time plot of ionospheric disturbance index (GNSS derived)
      • GPS L1 Iono Error
        Latest map of estimated GPS positioning error resulting from mismodelling of the ionosphere by L1 GPS receivers
    • Satellite Environment
    • Prediction Tools
      • Sun-Satellite Interference
        Near the time of equinoxes each year the Sun passes close (position in the sky) to a given geostationary satellite at some time of the day, this may cause interference. This tool predicts the times of such interference.
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    • Section Information


  • Geophysical
    • Latest Conditions
      • Magnetograms
        Real time plots of the variation in the Earth's magnetic field for Darwin, Townsville, Learmonth, Culgoora, Canberra, Hobart, Davis, and Casey
      • Indices
        K-Index, Pulsation Index and A-Index plots
      • Maps
        Estimated K-Index and pc3 Pulsation Index for Australian Region
      • Cosmic Ray
        Variations in cosmic rays counts can indicate Forbush decreases and ground level events, plots, background information and real time data are available
    • Alerts and Warnings
      • Geomagnetic Warning
        A Geomagnetic Warning is a forecast of disturbed geomagnetic conditions
      • Geomagnetic Alert
        A Geomagnetic Alert indicates a geomagnetic disturbance is in progress
      • GEOSTAT Alert
        An alert system that tracks solar coronal mass ejections from Sun to Earth
      • Aurora Alert
        An Auroral Alert is issued when IPS expects auroral displays to be visible from southern Australia.
    • Summary and Forecasts
      • Daily Report
        The Geomagnetic summary and forecast section from the current IPS Daily and Solar Geophysical Report
      • Weekly Report
        The Weekly Geophysical Report, issued each Thursday
    • Aurora
      • Auroral Oval Tool
        A graphic tool estimating the location of the southern Auroral Oval
    • Historical Data
      • Magnetograms
        Archived magnetic field variation plots for Darwin, Townsville, Learmonth, Culgoora, Canberra, Hobart, Davis and Casey
      • Indices
        K-Index and Pulsation Index plots for various locations
      • Data Files
        Ftp links for Darwin, Townsville, Learmonth, Culgoora, Canberra and Hobart
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  • Solar
    • Solar Conditions
      • Day-Night Location
        The image below gives the present location of day and night on the earth. The white area on the map are those locations in day- the grey indicates twilight - and the black is night
      • Solar Region Data
        The location, size and magnetic complexity of sunspot regions on the visible solar disk
      • Solar Activity Plot
        This plot shows the solar activity level (low, moderate, high, very high) for the past month
      • Solar Wind Speed
        ACE (US Advanced Composition Explorer) satellite driven solar wind speed, solar wind magnetic field direction, and density plot
      • Summary and Forecast
        Solar activity summary and forecast from the IPS Daily Solar and Geophysical Report
      • Monthly Sunspot Numbers
        Observed, estimated and predicted monthly sunspot numbers
      • X-Ray Flux
        Current value of solar xray flux which is updated every 5 minutes
      • X-Ray Flares
        List of recent solar flares and estimated area of fadeout information
      • Proton Flux
        Current value of the solar proton flux.
      • Solar Flare Forecast
        Solar Flare Forecast from IPS Daily Solar and Geophysical Report.
    • Learmonth Observatory
      • Overview
        A brief description of Learmonth Solar Observatory
      • Spectrographs
        Solar radio spectrographs, observe the Sun over a wide radio frequency range during the local day. Real time, Hourly and Daily images from the Culgoora radiospectrograph are available
      • Images
        H-Alpha(full disk & solar regions), GONG white light(images & movies) and GONG Magnetograms (images & movies)
      • Radio Flux
        Plot Diagram, Hour Plot Diagram and Quiet Solar(IFLUX)
      • Historical Data
        Full Disk H-Alpha Images and Daily Spectrographs
      • Movies of Solar Activity
        Full Disk , Large Scale and White Light Images
    • Related Sites
    • Section Information
      • Solar Help Page
        Explanations of the data and information presented in the Solar section
      • Latest News
        Most recent ASWFC news related to Solar section

HF Systems

  • HF Systems
    • Australasia
      • HAP Charts
        Hourly Area Prediction HF base to mobile charts are available for hourly, daily and weekly
      • HF Conditions
        Current vertical maximum usable frequency (MUF or foF2) Plots, HF Communications Warning, daily ionospheric summary and forecast and real time MUF report
      • Ionogram Viewer
        An interactive tool to view images of ionospheric echoes (called ionograms) recorded by IPS ionosondes (or ionospheric sounders) around Australia and Antarctica.
      • Ionospheric Map
        A real time vertical MUF (maximum usable frequency) map produced from ionospheric measurements from ionosondes
      • LAMP Charts
        Local Area Mobile Predictions, HF predictions within 1000km of a base, for hourly and recent days
      • T Index
        The T index is used to state the current level of support of the ionosphere, it is used in the generation of HF predictions, a T index map, plot, real time T index values and FAQ page are available.
    • High Latitude
    • Global HF
      • HF Conditions
        Inferred (from the current geomagnetic activity level) global HF propagation conditions and HF Fadeout Warning (forecast of shortwave fadeouts associated with daylight solar flares)
      • Fadeout Charts
        Image showing prediction of current fadeout enhanced absorption limiting frequencies (if a solar flare is in progress) and ALF fadeout contour from the last major solar flare
      • Polar Cap Absorption
        Ionospheric PCA events are associated with high energy solar protons, plots from riometers, which measure the increase ionospheric absorption during such events are available and a log of recent solar proton events
      • T Index
        Monthly T indices for ASAPS (Advanced Stand Alone prediction System) and regional real time T index values
      • Ionospheric Map
        Display up to 7 days foF2 maps and foF2 anomalies. Near real time global vertical MUF (maximum usable frequency) map, which can be used for an indication of near vertical incidence ionospheric frequencies of support
      • HAP Charts
        Hourly HAP charts based on the near real time global MUF map.
      • LAMP Charts
        Local Area Mobile Predictions, HF predictions within 1000km of a base, for hourly and recent days for some European cities
      • T Index Map
        Display up to 7 days T-Index maps, shows the current ionospheric support level from the monthly average level
    • Online Tools
      • Prediction Tools
        Online HF predictions tools, point to point, and point to area.
      • Index Plots
        A monthly displays of the daily planetary A index, 10.7cm flux and northern and southern hemisphere T index values
    • Section Information

Products and Services


World Data Centre

  • World Data Centre
    • Data Display and Download
      • Data Download
        Access to ASWFC data server to download ionospheric, geophysical, solar and GPS data files and ionospheric and solar viewers software tools.
      • Magnetometer
        Access the web page to display magnetometer data plot and download data files.
      • Ionospheric
        To plot scaled hourly ionospheric data and download data files.
      • Ionospheric_Medians
        To plot monthly ionospheric medians of foF2 and M(3000)F2 data and download data files.
      • FEDSAT
        To plot FEDSAT satellite data or send FEDSAT data request to ASWFC.
      • Imaging Riometer
        To display The Southern Hemisphere Imaging Riometer Experiment (SHIRE) data images.
      • Cosmic Ray
        To plot and download cosmic ray data of Kingston and Mawsom stations.
      • Riometer
        To plot and download riometer data of Casey, Davis, Macquarie Island and Mawson stations.
      • Spectrograph
        To display spectrograph images and download data files of Learmonth and Culgoora.
      • Solar Radio
        To plot and download Learmonth solar radio data.
      • Ionospheric Scintillation
        To plot and download Ionospheric Scintillation Monitor(ISM) data of Darwin, Macquarie Island, Niue, Vanimo, Weipa and Wills Island.
      • Ionospheric_Autoscaled
        To plot and download auto scaled Ionospheric data of ASWFC stations after 2014.
      • Iono_Medians_Autoscaled
        To plot and download auto scaled monthly median ionospheric data of ASWFC stations after 2014.
    • Data Catalogue
      • Data Formats
        To provide data format and data file name convention information of ASWFC data and other data sets. Some linked pages may contain extra information related to specific data sets.
      • ASWFC Stations
        To provide ASWFC ionosonde network and ASWFC stations map.
      • Ionosonde Data
        To provide Australian ionosonde stations detailed information.
      • Magnetometer Data
        To provide Australian magnetometer stations details and their log files.
      • Riometer Data
        To provide information of four riometer stations at Australian Antarctic area.
      • Spectrograph Data
        To provide historical spectrograph data information of Learmonth and Culgoora stations.
      • GPS Data
        To provide information of GPS stations at Darwin, Macquarie Island, Niue, Vanimo, Weipa, Lord Howe Island, Learmonth and Wills Island.
      • Solar Data
        To provide solar data information of Learmonth and Culgoora stations.
    • Metadata
      • ASWFC
        Space Weather Services metadata.
    • Third Party Data
    • Related Sites
      • WDC Links
        Links to other space weather related organizations web sites.
    • Section Information


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