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Data Display and Download

Data Download

The following sections describe data and software available for download.

Please see Latest News for information about changes to this area.

Please use the for special data requests.

Data Files




  • Spectrograph - data from the Culgoora and Learmonth spectrographs.
    (large - approx 30MB day files - see README for details or select data to display)
  • Solar Images - from the Culgoora and Learmonth Solar Observatory.
    (large - approx 2Mb zipped hour files - see README for details)
  • Solar Radio Flux Data - from the Learmonth Solar Observatory.
    (different data files from 10Kb to 2Mb files - see README for details or select data to display)


  • GNSS Data - RINEX-format GPS data.
    (daily zip files < 600KB - see README for description of format)
  • Scintillation Data (ISM) - GPS Ionospheric Scintillation Monitor (ISM) data.
    (daily zip s4 data files about 300KB - see README for a description of the format)

Software Tools

Ionospheric Viewers

  • Win-32 Ionoscale - A software tool developed by Space Weather Services for scaling and browsing ASWFC clean format ionograms. It is used at ASWFC as the primary scaling tool. IonoScale ( was developed to run on Unix systems, but has been ported to run on the MS Windows OS.
  • Ionogram Viewer - An ASWFC Clean Ionogram Viewer (wdc_cid.jar and README) are available for download. This is a stand alone version of the Java applet for viewing and printing ASWFC clean format ionograms used on this website for realtime ionogram display. It also provides a simple scaling facility.
  • Generic Ionogram Viewer - An ASWFC developed generic Ionogram Viewer is available for download. This Java application has been developed as a simple multi format viewer for ionograms stored in the WDC. The application and documentaton are contained in a zip file "JionView.jar".

Solar Viewers

  • Solar Image Viewer - A Windows Culgoora H-Alpha image viewer is available for download (, see README for details. After installation you need to download zipped data files to the wdc_ib installation folder under the /Program Files/ on your PC.
  • Spectrograph Viewer - Two Windows spectrograph viewers are available for download. The (include README) is for Culgoora data and SRSDisplay.exe for Learmonth srs data. After download and installation of a special software, you need to download the raw spectrograph data files from the right station to your PC.
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