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Dear SWS Customer,

As an important customer we would appreciate a moment of your valuable time to provide feedback on the services you receive from SWS.

a. SWS products and services are applicable to your needs?
Yes No N/A
b. SWS products and services are easy to use?
Yes No N/A
c. you have received professional and competent advice in your contact with SWS?
Yes No N/A

  Professional HF communications
  Radio communications consulting/engineering
  HF broadcasting
  Amateur HF communications
  Geophysical operations e.g. geophysical surveys
  Electrical power provider/power line operations
  Long distance pipeline operator
  GPS operations/surveys
  Satellite operations/communications
  Scientific research
  Auroral observations
  Other - please specify:

  Space weather dashboard on front page
  Mobile friendly
  Improved graphics
  Educational material
  Any other (please mention that in the comment box in section 4.)

  Please contact me to discuss my feedback.

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