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Proton Flux

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(last updated 24 Jun 2024 04:35 UT)

GOES (Gp16) satellite energetic Proton Flux (Courtesy of SWPC, Boulder Colorado, USA) Proton event detection will lag data time by approximately 1 hour due to data smoothing. Data Date/Time: 24 06 2024 0425 UT Proton Energy Current Proton Level Flux Event Status 10MeV 1.85e-01PFU No proton event in progress 100MeV 1.76e-01PFU No proton event in progress 500MeV 1.68e-01PFU No proton event in progress Units: PFU = protons/cm2/sec/ster MeV = million electron volts Proton energy levels and PFU event thresholds: Proton Energy Proton Flux Level Threshold 10MeV 10PFU 100MeV 1PFU 500MeV 1PFU Gp: GOES primary Gs: GOES secondary Solar proton events can impact satellite operations and transpolar HF communications.

GOES satellite proton flux data are provided by US Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder.

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