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Summary and Forecasts

Daily Report

Geomagnetic Summary

(last updated 30 Sep 2022 23:30 UT)

Geomagnetic field for Australian Region 30 Sep: G0 Estimated Indices 30 Sep : A K Australian Region 11 23433201 Cocos Island 9 23333101 Darwin 10 23333211 Townsville 13 24433211 Learmonth 8 23333100 Alice Springs 12 24433200 Gingin 9 23333201 Canberra 10 23433200 Hobart 11 14433101 Estimated Antarctic Regional K Indices 30 Sep : Macquarie Island 14 13345200 Casey 21 25632212 Mawson 34 45555144 Observed Regional daily pc3 Indices 30 Sep : Darwin 0 (Quiet) Townsville 0 (Quiet) Learmonth 0 (Quiet) Alice Springs 0 (Quiet) Gingin 9 (Quiet) Canberra 5 (Quiet) Hobart 5 (Quiet) Pc3 pulsations are high frequency (10-45 second period) variations of the Earths magnetic field. Daily pc3-indices are the daily sum of 20 minute pc3-indices for that station and have been shown to be well correlated with rejection of high resolution aeromagnetic survey flight-line data. NOTE: Indices may have been generated from data obtained in cooperation with the following organisations: Geoscience Australia, University of Newcastle Space Physics Group, Australian Government Antarctic Division and International Center for Space Weather Science and Education, Japan. Estimated AFr/Ap Indices 30 Sep : A Fredericksburg 15 Planetary 20 Observed AFr/Ap Indices 29 Sep : A K Fredericksburg 7 Planetary 6 1022 2222

Geomagnetic Forecast

(last updated 30 Sep 2022 23:30 UT)

Date Ap Conditions 01 Oct 30 G0-G1, chance of G2 02 Oct 36 G0-G1, chance of G2 03 Oct 20 G0-G1 COMMENT: ASWFC Geomagnetic Warning 45 was issued on 28 September and is current for 30 Sep to 2 Oct. G0 geomagnetic conditions were observed in the Australian region on UT day 30-Sep. Mostly G0-G1 geomagnetic conditions were observed in the Antarctic region, with an isolated period of G2 at Casey. Mostly G1 geomagnetic conditions are expected over 01-Oct, with a chance of G2, due to the combination of a coronal hole high speed wind stream and impact from a CME first observed 28-Sep. A second coronal hole high speed wind stream is expected to become geoeffective over 02-03 Oct, likely producing further G1, possibly G2, geomagnetic conditions.

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