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Summary and Forecasts

Daily Report

Geomagnetic Summary

(last updated 28 Sep 2020 23:37 UT)

Geomagnetic field for Australian Region 28 Sep: Unsettled to Active Estimated Indices 28 Sep : A K Australian Region 16 33334333 Cocos Island 12 23224332 Darwin 12 32234223 Townsville 18 33344333 Learmonth 18 33344333 Alice Springs 16 33334333 Gingin 19 33344433 Canberra 15 33333333 Hobart 18 33344333 Estimated Antarctic Regional K Indices 28 Sep : Macquarie Island 42 44466544 Casey 19 44433333 Mawson 55 55444576 Observed Regional daily pc3 Indices 28 Sep : Darwin 0 (Quiet) Townsville 6 (Quiet) Learmonth 8 (Quiet) Alice Springs 2 (Quiet) Gingin 46 (Unsettled) Canberra 67 (Active) Melbourne NA Pc3 pulsations are high frequency (10-45 second period) variations of the Earths magnetic field. Daily pc3-indices are the daily sum of 20 minute pc3-indices for that station and have been shown to be well correlated with rejection of high resolution aeromagnetic survey flight-line data. NOTE: Indices may have been generated from data obtained in cooperation with the following organisations: Geoscience Australia, University of Newcastle Space Physics Group, Australian Government Antarctic Division and International Center for Space Weather Science and Education, Japan. Estimated AFr/Ap Indices 28 Sep : A Fredericksburg 25 Planetary 38 Observed AFr/Ap Indices 27 Sep : A K Fredericksburg 16 Planetary 26 3422 1365

Geomagnetic Forecast

(last updated 28 Sep 2020 23:37 UT)

Date Ap Conditions 29 Sep 29 Active, with chance of Minor Storm periods 30 Sep 24 Unsettled to Active 01 Oct 16 Quiet to Unsettled, with chance of isolated Active periods COMMENT: SWS Geomagnetic Warning 7 was issued on 28 September and is current for 28-29 Sep. Unsettled to Active conditions were observed in the Australian region and Active to Major storm levels occurred in the Antarctic region on UT day 28 September. These disturbed conditions were in response to the high solar wind speed emanating from a Northern Polar coronal hole and southward IMF Bz conditions. Global conditions are expected to be at Active levels with a chance of Minor Storm levels on UT day 29 September as the coronal hole effects persist. Unsettled to Active conditions are expected on UT day 30 September, decreasing to Quiet to Unsettled with a chance of isolated Active periods, UT day 01 October.

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