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Magnetometer Data: Data Formats

The files containing raw (unprocessed) magnetometer data have names of the form:



  • m = the letter "m"
  • l = an identifier letter for internal use within SWS with definitions given in Station Parameters
  • YY = 2-digit year
  • MM = 2-digit month
  • DD = 2-digit day
  • stn = three letter station abbreviation code

Data is written to files in the following format:

The first line is a one-line header of Station Parameters that provide limited information relating to the field station and equipment used. The remaining lines of the file are the data records. Each record is of the form:

hh mm ss data1 data2 ... dataN


  • hh = the UT hour the measurement was taken
  • mm = the minute the measurement was taken
  • ss = the second the measurement was taken
  • data1 data2 ..... dataN = the measurements in nano-Tesla for the N geomagnetic field components as defined in the one-line header of Station Parameters.

The format of each data record is also given in the one-line header of each file as defined by Station Parameters.

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