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Magnetometer Data: Station Logfiles

Station logfiles contain a record of correspondence received via email relating to operations and events at the associated field station. The correspondence has been copied to file as received in email and has not been checked for spelling, grammar or correctness. The files are intended to help identify possible data outages or problems with data quality. The files are far from comprehensive, however, SWS is endeavouring to improve the information which may have an impact on data quality and in general, these records should reflect an improvement over time.

Early entries were typically (but not always) started by two header lines, one being the date the entry was added to the file and the other a dashed line, eg:

28 October, 1999

while the end of the entry was typically brackets containing the initials of the person responsible for adding the entry to file and possibly the date of the associated email, eg:

(RAM - 9/11/99)

With time the format of the entries changed such that entries were separated by a longer dashed line eg:


and usually commenced with the date and brackets containing the initials of the person sending the email and/or the person adding the entry to file, eg:

5 June, 2007 (CT/RAM)

The logfiles also contain entries of email notifications received from an automated monitoring system indicating that the magnetometer data file (given at the beginning of the second line of the entry) was not updated with the expected timeliness and that there may be a possible data outage. These entries are of the form:


[4903610] Canberra.mag red Tue Jun 5 07:28:24 2007
me070605.cbr was appended to 297 minutes ago


Station logfiles for each station are available from the magnetometer summary table.

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