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Proton Flux

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(last updated 27 Apr 2017 00:30 UT)

GOES Gp satellite Energetic Proton Flux (Courtesy of SWPC, Boulder Colorado, USA) Units: Protons/cm2-s-sr 10MeV and 100MeV threshold proton flux level is 10 proton flux units (PFU) Date: 27 04 2017 0020 UT 1MeV Proton flux: 1.21e+03 5MeV Proton flux: 1.69e-01 10MeV Proton flux: 1.32e-01 100MeV Proton flux: 3.13e-02

Proton flux data are provided by Today's Space Weather operated by the US Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder.

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