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  • 18 Aug 2020 – Maintenance works scheduled 26 August 0030-0130 UTC to SWS core processing systems. Near real time updates to this site may be briefly interrupted.
  • 24 Jul 2020 – Services derived from geomagnetic data may have limited availability during the period 2020-07-24T23:00/2020-07-25T05 UTC
  • 05 Jan 2020 – All of the four AAD Magnetic Pulsation stations have been ceased since 02/01/2020. They are Casey (UoN/AAD), Davis (UoN/AAD), Macquarie Island (UoN/AAD) and Mawson (UoN/AAD). More
  • 07 Nov 2019 – Bureau of Meteorology Aviation Space Weather Advisories: More
  • 07 Nov 2019 – Space Weather Advisories brochure and Space Weather Hazard for aviation brochure
  • 07 Nov 2019 – Space Weather Services is a member of an international consortium consisting of partner in France, Canada and Japan (ACFJ). The consortium provides ICAO aviation space weather advisories.
  • 07 Nov 2019 – The new global ICAO aviation space weather advisories service in support of civil aviation operations commenced at 0000 UTC on 7 November 2019.
  • 05 Nov 2019 – SWS scheduled maintenance between 0000-0130 UTC 5 October 2019 completed.
  • 29 Oct 2019 – Between 0000-0130am UTC on 5-Nov-2019, system upgrades are scheduled that will affect the update of some products on this site. As generation of some website products will be interrupted briefly.
  • 21 Oct 2019 – An all sky radio spectrograph is located at the ASA Meckering site. This covers the frequency range from 20 to 80 MHz, which is swept every second More
  • 21 Oct 2019 – From 15 October 2019 geomagnetic observations from Launceston have ceased and the equipment has been decommissioned.
  • 07 Jan 2019 – INAG Newsletter 2019-01! Ionosonde Network Advances and International GIRO Forum More
  • 05 Sep 2018 – Based on autoscaled ionospheric data, monthly medians data is now available online. More
  • 05 Sep 2018 – Hourly and 5 minutes autoscaled ionospheric data and manually checked (valided) hourly data is available online. More
  • 06 Mar 2018 – To support HF communications in the PNG region the Australian Bureau of Meteorology produces HAP charts for Aitape, Port Moresby and Rabaul. To view these charts click on more, select the location from the drop down list, and click display. More
  • 15 Feb 2018 – Tonga real time HF communications support. Click on More. Select Tonga in drop down list and click display. More
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