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Space Weather Services (SWS) (formerly IPS) is a regular member of the International Council for Science (ICSU) World Data System (WDS). The World Data Centre (WDC) for Space Weather is a part of and operated by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Space Weather Services. The centre is located in Sydney, Australia.

Thousands of gigabytes of Ionospheric, Magnetometer, Spectrograph, Cosmic Ray data and Solar images are available for direct download from the FTP Download section. These areas are continually growing, with the addition of new data types, downloadable tools and data from new locations. Please see the Latest News for updates.

Use the links under the Data Display and Download section in the left-hand menu to select data for download.

Please use the for special data requests.

If you use any data from the SWS WDC in your paper/report, please add the following sentence in your paper/report Acknowledgements: We are grateful to the World Data Centre of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Space Weather Services for the provision of [dataset name] data.


  • The data sets listed here are a subset of SWS holdings.
  • The WDC only holds archived data files owned by SWS. For real-time data and images, please follow the navigation links in the header of this page.
  • The WDC Help Page lists all resources available in this section, including downloadable data, software and data catalogue information.
  • See the SWS Data Policy.
  • Read more INAG articles from INAG - Ionosonde Network Advisory Group Home page.

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