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Solar Conditions

Summary and Forecast

Solar Summary

(last updated 07 Apr 2020 23:33 UT)

Activity 07 Apr: Very low Flares: none. Observed 10.7 cm flux/Equivalent Sunspot Number for 07 Apr: 70/5

Solar Forecast

(last updated 07 Apr 2020 23:33 UT)

08 Apr 09 Apr 10 Apr Activity Very low Very low Very low Fadeouts None expected None expected None expected 10.7cm/SSN 70/5 70/5 70/5 COMMENT: Solar activity was Very Low for 07 Apr with a B4.5 flare from a plage (Ex region 2579). Very Low levels of solar activity are expected for the next three days, 08-10 Apr. GONG Halpha images showed an unstable filament in the NW quadrant, near the plage. No Earth-directed CMEs were observed in the available coronagraph imagery. During the last 24 hours, the solar wind speed remained near nominal levels, under 340 km/s. The total IMF (Bt) varied between 3 nT and 6 nT. The north-south component of IMF, Bz, was mostly neutral until 07/1400 UT then turned south up to -5 nT. The solar wind speed is expected to be mostly near its background levels for the next three days, 08-10 Apr, although some slight enhancements may be observed due to weak isolated coronal holes.

Solar Activity levels are explained in the SWS Solar Terrestrial Glossary.

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