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Solar Conditions

Summary and Forecast

Solar Summary

(last updated 16 Aug 2017 23:50 UT)

Activity 16 Aug: Very low Flares: none. Observed 10.7 cm flux/Equivalent Sunspot Number for 16 Aug: 77/16

Solar Forecast

(last updated 16 Aug 2017 23:50 UT)

17 Aug 18 Aug 19 Aug Activity Very low to low Very low to low Very low to low Fadeouts None expected None expected None expected 10.7cm/SSN 78/17 78/17 78/17 COMMENT: Solar activity was Very Low over the last 24 hours. Region 2671 (N12E48) has grown in size over the last 2 days, from 70 millionths on 15Aug to 460 millionths at the time of this report. No Earth-directed CMEs were observed in the available LASCO imagery and after further analysis the C1.1 flare from yesterday (1352UT 15Aug) was determined to be non-geoeffective. The solar wind speed was at nominal values for the first half of the UT day ranging from 340km/s to 380km/s. Solar wind velocity increased in the latter half of the UT day and is currently 410km/s. Total interplanetary magnetic field (Bt) steadily increased over the UT day from 3nT to 7nT at the time of this report with Bz reaching -6nT. Expected increase in solar wind speed for 17Aug due to the arrival of a high speed solar wind stream from a large northern hemisphere located positive polarity coronal hole. Solar wind speeds are expected to remain elevated for 18Aug-19Aug. Very Low to Low solar activity is expected over the next three with further C-class events possible.

Solar Activity levels are explained in the SWS Solar Terrestrial Glossary.

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