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Solar Conditions

Summary and Forecast

Solar Summary

(last updated 19 Oct 2018 23:32 UT)

Activity 19 Oct: Very low Flares: none. Observed 10.7 cm flux/Equivalent Sunspot Number for 19 Oct: 70/5

Solar Forecast

(last updated 19 Oct 2018 23:32 UT)

20 Oct 21 Oct 22 Oct Activity Very low Very low Very low Fadeouts None expected None expected None expected 10.7cm/SSN 70/5 70/5 70/5 COMMENT: Solar activity was Very Low for the UT day, 19 October. There are currently 0 numbered sunspot regions on the visible solar disc. For the next 3 UT days, 20-22 October, solar activity is expected to be at Very Low levels. No Earth-directed CMEs were observed in the available SOHO LASCO imagery up to 19/1600 UT. The solar wind speed started the UT day 19 October at around 320 km/s and is currently around 305 km/s. The IMF Bt mainly varied between 1-3 nT during the last 24 hours. The IMF Bz mainly varied in the range +/-2 nT. On UT day 20 October the solar wind is expected to become enhanced due to the arrival of high speed streams from the southern extension of the north polar coronal hole, then start to return to nominal values on 21 October as the influence of the coronal hole wanes.

Solar Activity levels are explained in the SWS Solar Terrestrial Glossary.

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