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Solar Conditions

Summary and Forecast

Solar Summary

(last updated 30 Oct 2020 23:31 UT)

Activity 30 Oct: Very low Flares: none. Observed 10.7 cm flux/Equivalent Sunspot Number for 30 Oct: 80/20

Solar Forecast

(last updated 30 Oct 2020 23:31 UT)

31 Oct 01 Nov 02 Nov Activity Low Low Low Fadeouts None expected None expected None expected 10.7cm/SSN 80/20 80/20 78/17 COMMENT: Solar activity was very low on UT day 30 October. There are currently two numbered regions on the visible disk, AR2778(S18W67) and AR2779(S15W58). No earthbound CMEs were observed in the available imagery. Solar activity is expected to be low for the next three UT days, 31 October to 02 November with a slight chance for an isolated M-class flare. On UT day 30 October, the solar wind was slightly enhanced, between 400-450Km/s due to the influence of a north polar coronal hole extension. The total IMF (Bt) was weak, under 5 nT and the north-south component of the IMF (Bz) was mostly neutral. The solar wind speed is expected to be near its nominal levels for the next three UT days, 31 October to 02 November.

Solar Activity levels are explained in the SWS Solar Terrestrial Glossary.

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