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Solar Conditions

Summary and Forecast

Solar Summary

(last updated 10 Dec 2016 23:48 UT)

Activity 10 Dec: Low Flares: none. Observed 10.7 cm flux/Equivalent Sunspot Number for 10 Dec: 72/8

Solar Forecast

(last updated 10 Dec 2016 23:48 UT)

11 Dec 12 Dec 13 Dec Activity Very low Very low Very low Fadeouts None expected None expected None expected 10.7cm/SSN 70/5 70/5 73/9 COMMENT: Solar activity on Dec 10 was Low due to a C4 flare at 10/1715UT from active region 2615 which has rotated around the west limb. Expect Very Low activity for the next three days. No visible sunspots observed in white light at 10/1430UT from San Vito Solar Observatory. No Earth directed CMEs were observed during the UT day, 10 Dec, in available LASCO imagery up to 10/1736UT. Solar wind speed has decreased from ~700 km/s to ~625 Km/s and is expected to continue gradually decrease to nominal levels over the next two days as the southern hemisphere trans-equatorial negative polarity coronal hole rotates west toward the limb. The IMF Bz component fluctuated to +/-5nT and the Btotal field ranged from 4 to 7nT.

Solar Activity levels are explained in the SWS Solar Terrestrial Glossary.

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