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Ionospheric Summary and Forecast

Ionospheric Summary

(last updated 20 Sep 2018 23:44 UT)

Date T index 20 Sep -4 Observed Australian Regional MUFs Cocos Island Region: No data available. Niue Island Region: Mostly near predicted monthly values. Depressed by 20% after local dawn. Northern Australian Region: Depressed by 25% during local day. No data available during local night. Southern Australian Region: Near predicted monthly values. Antarctic Region (Casey/Scott Base/Davis/Mawson): Enhanced by 15% over the UT day. Monthly T index: Month T index Aug 1 Sep -4 Oct -4

Ionospheric Forecast

(last updated 20 Sep 2018 23:44 UT)

Date T index MUFs 21 Sep -5 Near predicted monthly values 22 Sep -5 Near predicted monthly values 23 Sep -15 Near predicted monthly values COMMENT: Continued minor MUF depressions for Northern AUS/Equatorial regions observed over the last 24 hours and occasional disturbed ionospheric support for Antarctic regions. Similar HF conditions are expected over the next 2 days with possible minor MUF depressions for low latitude stations and periods of poor ionospheric support at high latitudes. Depressed MUFs possible for Southern AUS/NZ regions and disturbed conditions for Antarctic regions 23Sep due to expected increase in geomagnetic activity.

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