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Aurora Example

Cressy all-sky camera example of strong aurora

This is an example of an aurora patrol image recorded during the geomagnetic storm of 29th June 2013. The image is orientated with South to the right and East at bottom. The town of Cressy is located several kilometres to the North of the station. Patches of greenish glow located toward the left are caused by light pollution scattered by clouds. The Milky Way galaxy stretches from the North East (bottom left) to the South-West (top right). The red glow toward the right is red-line aurora and the bright yellow-green glow along the Southern Horizon is bright green-line aurora, not light pollution from Hobart or some other urban centre. The aurora is shining through semi-transparent clouds drifting in the lower atmosphere. The two dark blotches at upper left are probably insects on the outside of the dome.

This example is provided to help aurora watchers understand what they should look for in the images.

Image archive: Click here  Please note that the image filenames are based on the time image acquisition completed.

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