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(last updated 28 May 2017 12:23 UT)

SUBJ: SWS AURORA ALERT HIGH LATITUDES ISSUED AT 1223 UT ON 28 May 2017 BY SPACE WEATHER SERVICES FROM THE AUSTRALIAN SPACE FORECAST CENTRE GEOMAGNETIC STORM IN PROGRESS. AURORA MAY BE OBSERVED DURING LOCAL NIGHT TIME HOURS IN GOOD OBSERVING CONDITIONS AT HIGH LATITUDES. Follow the progress of this event on the IPS web site by following the links to the Space Weather Status Panel, Home > Space Weather IPS would appreciate any feedback from people observing an aurora giving details of location and time. Please provide details at: Previous reports of observed aurora are archived under More information about IPS Aurora Alerts can be found under our mailing list by following the links, Home > Products and Services > Mailing List This alert is not subject to forecaster validation. It is automatically issued from autoscaled data which may produce a false alarm on rare occasions.

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