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Auroral Oval Tool

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The auroral oval is an annular ring around each geomagnetic pole where aurora are most likely to occur. Auroras are caused by the excitation of particles from the Sun spiralling in the geomagnetic field near the poles resulting in the release of energy in different forms, including light. The above model attempts to predict the location of the auroral oval around the geomagnetic south pole. Images and reports of auroral displays are often reported to SWS.

See submitted reports.

Hourly Riometer Absoprtion Values

(last updated 25 May 2016 04:50 UT)

Wed May 25 04:46:27 UTC 2016 Macquarie Island 0.2 dB Casey -0.1 dB Davis -0.1 dB Mawson 0.1 dB

A riometer is a "relative ionospheric opacity metre" which measures the amount of absorption of galactic radio noise as this signal passes through the Earth's ionosphere. During geomagnetic storm activity, auroral activity can increase, increasing the level of ionospheric absorption of this natural radio signal, indicating possible disruptons to polar and transpolar HF radio communication, if the radio wave has a reflection point in the auroral zone. Absorption can also increase dramatically for up to several days in polar regions, due to solar proton events following strong solar flare activity.

See Antarctic Riometer time series plot.

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