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TEC Regional Map Accuracy

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TEC Regional Map Accuracy TEC Regional Map Accuracy

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This map shows an estimate of the accuracy of the real time TEC map. This estimate is derived by determining the Mean Absolute Error (MAE) for all GPS TEC data points within each of the pixels. This error is defined as the difference between the map produced by combining all the data and the TEC value of each individual data point. Typically, the error is less than 3 TECU (1 TECU is 1016electrons) across mainland Australia but is often worse at the northern edge of the map, particularly during daytime, since the assumption of a thin shell ionosphere (explained in about TEC Mapping) is poor around the Equatorial Anomaly, which is a feature of the daytime ionosphere in equatorial regions.

For details on how the GPS data is turned into the smooth TEC map, see About TEC Mapping.

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