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What is new in GWPS 4

The Ground Wave Prediction System 4 is a GUI-driven tool for predicting the propagation of radio waves in the MF and HF frequency bands over the surface of the Earth.

GWPS 4.0 New Features

  • Area prediction charts of ground-wave field strength (dB above 1 mV/m), signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and frequency range (single and multi-surface) for the user selectable transmitter (Tx) location and area of interest.
  • Area prediction results are generated using full multi-surface calculations and a new high spatial resolution (0.02 or 2 km at the equator) table of surface conductivity and dielectric permittivity.
  • Up to 500 x 500 grid cells within the user selectable area of interest so that multi-surface area predictions can exploit the full resolution of the new high-resolution land-sea-ice table.
  • Implementation of a faster multi-surface algorithm to reduce the calculation time required for large numbers of grid cells.
  • New high spatial resolution land mass outlines including islands, reefs, and lakes.
  • Export of area prediction results in KMZ file format for importing as an information layer within Google Earth.
  • Area prediction charts of background noise (CCIR or ITU atmospheric noise + made noise + galactic noise).
  • Latest ITU-R recommended method for calculating the total noise by combining atmospheric, galactic and man-made noise levels.
  • Improved area prediction input dialogue including more user selectable regional geographic maps.
  • Moving the cursor throughout the area prediction displays the geodetic coordinates, range, bearing, and parameter value.
  • The option to overlay range markers (circles) at preset intervals from the Tx.
  • The option to contour and/or smooth the area prediction results.
  • All the familiar features of GWPS 3 remain in GWPS 4.
  • Revised HTML User Guide.
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