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VHF and UHF Area Prediction

This tool provides the ability to determine RF signal loss and shadowing for VHF/UHF (30MHz - 3GHz) systems. A transmitter can be placed on the map below and the simulation area can be chosen. The pathloss result of the propagation analysis is overlaid on the map.

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User guide

To run a simulation:

  1. Select a location on the map to place an Antenna.
  2. Enter
  3. Enter
  4. Select a
  5. Enter a
  6. Select a

Before running another simulation:


This release (version 1.1) has the choice of 4 different knife edge diffraction models to determine pathloss estimates influenced by the terrain only.The pathloss model does not take into account features such as buildings, bridges and other man-made structures.

Terrain data source is 90m resolution SRTM version 2.1 data for the entire Earth between the latitudes of -60 and +60.

Antenna gain for Tx and Rx antennas is set to unity.

Pathloss maximum is capped for values 170dB or greater.

Approximate simulation times range from a few seconds for 5km radius to almost 1 minute for 20km radius.

See also more technical details.

For more info email vhfuhf@ips.gov.au

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