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What is new in GWPS 5

The Ground Wave Prediction System 5 is a GUI-driven tool for predicting the propagation of radio waves in the MF and HF frequency bands over the surface of the Earth.

GWPS 5.0 New Features

  • GWPS 5 is a rebuild of GWPS 4 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.
  • GWPS 5 ensures the stability of the program under Windows 10 and beyond.
  • GWPS 5 will run under 64 bit machines running Windows 10.
  • GWPS 5 is compatible with Windows 7 and 8.
  • GWPS 5 retains all the familiar features of GWPS 4 plus additional features.
  • Field strength [dBm] is now displayed as well as Field Density [dBmicroVolts/metre].
  • The Geographic Area predictions now have a Table View as well as the Colour Plot.
  • The Input Parameters menu is now Tabbed with separate dialogues for Geographic Coordinates, Environmental Conditions, System Parameters and Antennas to make it easier for the user.
  • The Antennas Tabbed dialogue now has a text box showing the Gain of the Tx & Rx antenna.
  • T-indices dialogue has been removed since Solar Activity only affects the Galactic Noise component of Background Noise.
  • The GWPS5 User Guide has been updated.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements have been made.
  • Faster computing predictions and easier to use than GWPS 4 which was a 32 bit application.
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