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History of GWPS versions

Listed below are versions of GWPS that have been publicly released since 1988, along with information on the major changes made in those versions.

Version Release Date New/Revised Features
5.0 2020

GWPS 5 is a rebuild of GWPS 4 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. GWPS 5 ensures the stability of the program under Windows 10 and beyond.

4.2 2010

Support for Windows 7, including User Guide in HTML Help format for Windows 7.

Improved Land/Sea/Ice table used, with geographic details as small as 2 km (previously 50 km).

The world map for geographic Area Predictions has been improved using new high spatial resolution land mass outlines with a resolution of about 2km.

Area Predictions can be exported in KMZ format for display with Google Earth.

The Marconi GRWAVE model and CCIR and ITU background noise maps have been extended from HF predictions to also support Medium Wave and VLF predictions (15-50MHz).

Monopole and Dipole antenna gains improved. Allows for Tx/Rx antenna heights of 0-100m above ground.

4.1 2008

Geographic Area predictions improved using the Millington method (1949), as described in CCIR recommendation 368-5 Propagation in Non-Ionized Media, 1986 Volume V, Page 50. Note that the reciprocity condition is also satisfied (the reciprocal path is calculated by swapping the transmitter and receiver at each 50 km range step and taking an average).

4.0 2005

Geographic Area Predictions included for Field Strength and SNR.

3.0 2003

DOS version replaced by GWPS 3, a 32-bit application suitable for use a wider range of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, including Windows XP.

GWPS Input Parameters dialogue now has a geographical map of the world for use in generating predictions – terminals, circuits and areas of interest can now be selected quickly and easily via "point and click".

GWPS User Guide in Windows Help format.

2D graphs can be printed.

2.0 1995

Release of DOS GWPS - Version 2.0.

1.0 1988

Initial release of DOS GWPS.

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