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T Index Map

The below image shows a near real-time T index difference map. The differences are calculated by subtracting the predicted monthly T index for the global ionosphere from the observed T index. The observed T index is computed from the foF2 observations. More details on deriving T index from foF2 measurements can be found in T Index FAQ. The last 7 days of maps can be viewed using the control buttons underneath the image.

Map centre at longitude:

Updates: Every 15 minutes

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The map shows four levels of T index difference contours. The depressed regions (yellow and red colours) can have weak to very poor high frequency communication support.

How to use this tool

  1. To animate, first select the display duration using drop-down list located below the graph and then press "Load Animation" button. The user can also choose different speeds of animations.
  2. To view still images during a playing, press "Pause" button and then use the navigation buttons located below the graph to switch between images.

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