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Total Electron Content

TEC Regional Map

Updates: Every 15 minutes

TEC Regional Map TEC Regional Map

Latest observations

TEC Regional Map GNSS Regional TEC (click for full-sized image)

Model accuracy

TEC Regional Map GNSS Regional TEC (click for full-sized image)

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The map above shows a near real-time ionospheric Total Electron Content (TEC) map produced by combining real time GPS data and SWS ionosonde foF2 observations with the IRI-2007 ionospheric model. The last 3 days of maps can be viewed using the control buttons underneath the above image.

To view the raw GPS TEC data used to construct the map, click on the thumbnail image in the top right of the screen. An estimate of the map accuracy is also available in real time and can be seen by clicking on the second thumbnail image to the right of the main map. More details on the mapping procedure can be found in About TEC Mapping.

The map shows colour contours of TEC in units of TECU (1 TECU = 1016electrons/m2).

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