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The Space Weather Services Advanced Stand Alone Prediction System (ASAPS) allows the prediction of sky wave communication conditions in the HF (High Frequency) and low VHF (Very High Frequency) radio spectrum (1 to 30 MHz). It is based on an ionospheric model developed by Space Weather Services within the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and ITU-R / CCIR models (Rec. ITU-R P.533-10, Rec. ITU-R P.372-10 and CCIR Report 322).

ASAPS has been purchased by over 3000 customers typically working in support of aviation, defence and emergency services. The ASAPS prediction system is more accurate than other prediction systems because the T index is used to quantify the response of the ionosphere to solar activity. ASAPS predictions are especially accurate when they are driven by real-time T indices for the circuit or region of interest.

The T index provides superior parameterisation of the ionosphere's response to changing solar-geomagnetic conditions than the sunspot number.

Please see T Index FAQ.

ASAPS is a GUI-driven application designed to run under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 installed on modern personal computers. A minimum of 150 MB of free hard disk space is required to install and run the program.

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