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INAG-74 - August 2017

Opening Comments

My thanks to past contributors. I also live in hope of future contributors.

If you have a note, article, interesting data sequence, peculiar ionogram, techniques, scaling problem, or any other item of possible interest to the ionosonde community, send it to me now so it can be added to the INAG Bulletin.

Kehe Wang
INAG Editor

INAG Newsletter

INAG Newsletter 2017-05! Solar Eclipse 2017 as seen by GIRO ionosonde network.
INAG Newsletter 2017-06! GAMBIT Explorer for INAG community.
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A new ionospheric station for Chile(size 0.6 MB) by E.M. Ovalle, C.U. Villalobos, L.A. Aguero, R.E. Leiva and A.J. Foppiano

Research Papers

Conjugate hemisphere ionospheric response to the St. Patrick's Day storms of 2013 and 2015 in the 100°E longitude sector (6.5MB) by Bitap Raj Kalita, Rumajyoti Hazarika, Geetashree Kakoti, P. K. Bhuyan, D. Chakrabarty, G. K. Seemala, K. Wang, S. Sharma, T. Yokoyama, P. Supnithi, T. Komolmis, C. Y. Yatini, M. Le Huy, and P. Roy
Variations of the ionospheric parameters and vertical electron density distribution at the northern edge of the EIA from 2010 to 2015 along 95E and comparison with the IRI-2012 (2.6 MB) by Bitap Raj Kalita, Pradip Kumar Bhuyan
Preearthquake anomalous ionospheric signatures observed at low-mid latitude Indian station, Delhi, during the year 2015 to early 2016: Preliminary results (3.8MB) by Sumedha Gupta and A. K. Upadhayaya


Space Weather: Understanding and Mitigating Impacts on Our Interconnected and Interdependent Critical Infrastructure by Bill Murtagh (NOAA/SWPC)


The 17th Australian Space Research Conference (ASRC) will be held in Sydney at the University of Sydney, Camperdown campus, 13-15 November 2017.
2017 Space Weather Users Workshop: National Security and Prosperity, organised by the Space Weather Services, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, in Sydney, 16-17 November 2017.

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