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Ionospheric Station Information

Bulletin No. 60**
September 1994
ISSN 1021 - 3546



Jurgen Buchau 1933 - 1993
Comments from the Chair
INAG Meeting, 26 August 1993, URSI General Assembly Kyoto, Japan
INAG Session for URSI 1996, Lille, France 7
INAG Meeting: Christchurch, New Zealand, 31 December 1993
Closure of Maui Ionosonde Station
Closing a Network
Literature Search on Ionosonde and Ionogram
Occurrence of a Peculiar Sequential Es at Karachi
Computer Control of an IPS-42 Ionosonde
Canadian Advanced Digital Sounder (CADI)
The New Russian Digital Sounder - BIZON
IRI Workshop: Announcement and Call for Papers
Ionosonde Suppliers
Ionospheric Digital Database
Code of Ionospheric Characteristics

*Under the auspices of Commission G, Working Group G 1 of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI)

**Prepared by Phil Wilkinson, Chair INAG,
IPS Radio and Space Services,
P O Box 1386, Haymarket, NSW 1240, AUSTRALIA

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