S-RAMP Proceedings from the AIP Congress, Perth, September 1998

The papers offered here were some of the many presented at the Perth AIP Congress in the S-RAMP Australia sessions. They will be published in the ANARE Notes series. To obtain a copy, please contact Ray Morris.

Presenter Title Paper
Anthony Breed Dynamics of the Polar Cap Ionosphere. Part 1. Applications of Digisonde animations in ionospheric research HTML
Anthony Breed Dynamics of the Polar Cap Ionosphere. Part 2. Case Studies of Polar Patches above Casey, Antarctica. HTML
Fred Menk Co-ordinated Observations of Forced and Resonant Field Line Oscillations at High Latitudes. HTML
Colin Waters HF Doppler Oscillations due to Mixed ULF Wave Modes HTML
Tim Howard Conjugacy of Pc 3-4 Waves in the High Latitude Magnetosphere HTML
Michael Terkildsen Imaging Riometer Observations of Absorption Patches Associated with Magnetic Impulse Events. HTML
Ian Wright Observations of polar cap arc drift motion from Scott Base HTML
Natalie Shilo Scintillation and TEC Study of the High Latitude Ionosphere Over Casey Station, Antarctica HTML
Brendan Tate An Investigation of Southern High Latitude Ionospheric Irregularities Using Total Electron Content measurements HTML
Anthony Breed Ionospheric Slab Thickness and Total Electron Content. HTML
Elizabeth Essex Monitoring the Ionosphere/Plasmasphere with Low Earth Orbit Satellites: The Australian Microssatellite FEDSAT HTML
Philip Webb Modelling the Plasmasphere HTML
Ildy Horvath GPS and TOPEX Mid-latitude Trough Observations in the Southern Hemisphere at Low Sunspot Numbers HTML
Lech Hajkowicz Monitoring aurorally-generated large scale travelling ionospheric disturbances (TIDs) over a sunspot cycle HTML
Pene Greet Tidal Periodicities in Observations of the OH(6-2) Emmission PDF
Mark Conde Analysis Of Fabry-Perot Spectra Of Lidar Backscatter Echoes PDF
Theo Davies Multiple Parameter Simulation of the Fabry Perot Interferometer HTML
Peter Dyson On the Determination of Vertical Profiles of Ionospheric Velocity From Digital Ionosonde Measurements. PDF
A. Arayne HF Propagation via the F3 Layer. PDF
Robert Norman Modelling and mapping Sporadic E using Backscatter Radar HTML
Steve Eckerman Global Gravity Wave Weather in the Middle Atmosphere: Preliminary Insights from the CRISTA-SPAS Missions HTML