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(Workshop on the Applications of Radio Science)


La Trobe University

Beechworth Campus

27-29 April 2000

This Workshop was proudly supported by the Australian Academy of Science through the National Committee for Radio Science.

Workshop Convener:

Dr Elizabeth A. Essex

URSI National Committee Members

Prof. David Skellern (Chair) Macquarie University
Dr. John Hunter Commission A Surveillance Systems Division, DSTO
Dr. Graeme James Commission B CSIRO Division of Telecom. & Indust.
Dr. Robin Braun Commission C University of Technology Sydney
Prof. Paul Edwards Commission D University of Canberra
Dr. Kevin Fynn Commission E Curtin University WA
Prof. I Dennis Longstaff Commission F University of Queensland
Prof. Peter Dyson Commission G La Trobe University
Prof. Brian Fraser Commission H Newcastle University
Prof. Ray Norris Commission J ATNF, CSIRO
Dr. Ken Joyner Commission K Motorola Australia Limited
Dr. Dennis Cooper IREE CSIRO Division of Telecom. & Indust.
Prof. J Godfrey Lucas (Past-Chair) University of Western Sydney, Nepean

Local Organising Committee (LOC)

Dr Elizabeth Essex (Chair)
Prof. Peter Dyson
Dr. Robert Norman
Mr. Brendon Tate
Mrs. L Hart

Workshop on Applications of Radio Science (WARS)

WARS is a conference with a difference. The National Committee for Radio Science wanted to establish a forum for:-

  1. the presentation of current scientific and engineering research in radio science, particularly in Australia (but not limited to here only), that is of international standing; and
  2. for discussion between radio scientists to promote new work.

WARS was planned to have both formal talks, by invited speakers, and submitted papers, all to be presented in poster format to encourage discussion. The title of Workshop was chosen in preference to Conference to promote the extra features at WARS that are not found at other conferences, especially the emphasis on making new work contacts through discussions.

The first WARS - WARS'95 - was held in June 1995 in Canberra, using the format proposed by the National Committee. The atmosphere was informal and very productive. 101 delegates attended and the feedback was very positive.

The Second WARS - WARS'97 - was held in Adelaide's wonderful Barossa Valley, 21-23 September 1997. 84 delegates attended to see 56 poster papers and hear 6 invited talks. Again, the workshop was very successful, with feedback very positive. For the first time, a student prize was awarded. It was won by Philip Webb, for his paper "Modelling the Plasmasphere". Proceedings from both WARS'95 and WARS'97 are still available for sale.


WARS'00 was held at La Trobe University, Beechworth campus, in the picturesque city of Beechworth, 27-29 April 2000. The structure of the meeting consisted of 6 invited tutorial papers followed by relevant poster sessions. As with previous workshops, the main emphasis of the workshop was on the poster sessions. The student prize was awarded to Rayner Page, for his paper "Sensing of Ground Level through Sugar Cane using Microwave Techniques".

The workshop reception, commenced at 5:00 pm on Thursday, 27 th April, and the workshop dinner at 7 pm on Friday, 28 th April 2000. The Workshop concluded at 4:00 pm on Saturday 29 th April.

Editorial Comments

This workshop was proudly supported by the Australian Academy of Science through the National Committee for Radio Science.

This Proceedings is published on the world-wide-web htpp://www.ips.gov.au/ncrs/wars00 and on CDROM in accordance with the DETYA Guidelines at the time of publication for papers to be classified in the E1 category.

All but one of the published papers are refereed, full written version of research papers presented at the conference. The exception is a paper providing useful information on the important services provided by IPS Radio & Space Sciences.

WARS 2000 is the third in a series of conferences of national significance organised by the National Committee for Radio Science. It brings together Australian scientists and engineers conducting research in areas relevant to the various Commissions of URSI (Union Radio Science International) with which Australia is affiliated through the work of the National Committee for Radio Science. Through the invited speakers program, Australian scientists of international standing reviewed a number of new developments in international radio science in which Australia is a leading player. Submitted papers provided an opportunity for Australian scientists and postgraduate students to present their work to their national peers and in particular, to provide an important opportunity for cross-fertilisation of ideas between the wide range of sub-areas that make up radio science in Australia and internationally.

Each paper was reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. Authors were required to respond to reviewer comments and papers undergoing major revision were sent to referees a second time. Reviewers were issued with guidelines and criteria for publication consistent with those issued by several international journals, premier in their field. For a paper to be accepted for publication, two referees had to be satisfied that it met these guidelines and criteria.

Peter Dyson

Robert Norman


All opinions expressed in the proceedings are those of the authors and are not binding on the National Committee for Radio Science.

Copyright and Reprint Permissions: Abstracting is permitted with credit to the source. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2000 by the National Committee for Radio Science.

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