FORECAST SOL: Normal green MAG: Normal green ION: Normal green
Saturday, Feb 22 2020 10:30 UT

Solar Conditions

Solar activity and forecast

Product Description

This plot shows the Solar Activity Level for the past month. The observed or predicted activity level of a sunspot region or of the sun as a whole is based on the number and strength of x-ray flares within a 24 hour period. Classifications are as follows:
  • Very Low - x-ray events less than C-class
  • Low - C-class x-ray events
  • Moderate - isolated (one to 4) M-class x-ray events
  • High - several (5 or more) M-class x-ray events, or isolated (one to 4) M5 or greater x-ray events
  • Very High - several (5 or more) M5 or greater x-ray events

Target Users

Overall space weather community and especially including HF communicators who are affected by X-ray flares (SWF).

Data Source

Consensus & Forecaster opinion


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