SWS Ionogram Viewer
Instructions on how to use the ionogram viewer are below the applet. If you have a display problem see bottom of page

If your browser recognized the applet tag, you would see an applet here.

How to Use SWS Ionogram Viewer

Note:Davis has lower resolution ionograms. Prev/Next and PrevHr/NextHr move inside ionogram list when started. To update ionogram list either reload the station or change the date or hr/min list selections.

Problem: IE 6 There is a grey area where the ionogram image would normally be!
The quickest way to sort this out is to download and install the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from http://www.java.com

 You can check your Java Virtual Machine at: 


 1. If you see an animated dancing "Duke" in motion under
 the heading "Test your JVM" then the SWS applet should work.

 2. If no animation is visible then follow the "download and install
 instructions". On the next page click on "Download instructions"
 then select the JRE for your operating system most commonly, 
 "Windows automatic download and Installation Instructions for the 
 Java 2 Runtime Enviroment, standard edition (JRE)". 
 Follow the instructions from here on.